Tribu patio

With the opening of Tribu, award-winning design studio and Michelin-starred hospitality group  Bonhomme adds to the exceptional experience guests can expect when visiting its newest  project, Casa Beatnik Hotel in Galicia, Spain.  

Surrounded by the lush gardens and vineyard of Casa Beatnik Hotel, a bold transformation of  an 18th century Galician pazo, Tribu is a six-table restaurant offering guests the perfect setting  to experience the best the region has to offer, from Rubia Gallega beef and spectacular seafood  to rare vegetables, wild game and wine. 

Led by Executive Chef Marcos Campos, Tribu is a homecoming of sorts for the acclaimed chef.  Born in Valencia, Spain, Campos began working in his father’s butcher shop at a young age,  which further fostered his dream of becoming a professional chef. After graduating from culinary  school, Campos went on to work at Michelin-starred Las Rejas in Cuenca, Spain. It was while  working in a Spanish restaurant in Denmark that Campos first connected with Daniel Alonso,  founder and creative director of Bonhomme, who, at the time, was expanding the culinary team  of his Spanish restaurant in Chicago. Rising quickly, in 2012 Campos became the restaurant’s  chef at the age of 20. As Bonhomme has grown over the last decade, Campos has grown with  it, today leading the culinary team at Michelin-starred Porto, as well as opening and overseeing  the kitchens of the group’s other acclaimed venues. 

With the opening of Tribu, Chef Marcos has come to Galicia, to the home of the products that  have made Porto one of the most original restaurants to open this decade. At Tribu, he is further  freed to explore and experiment with both the Galician ingredients that he loves and new  products, from the land and from the sea, that until now he has not been able to incorporate in  Chicago due to import controls.  

For Tribu’s Debut Menus, running from July 20th to October 16th, Chef Marcos and the culinary  team of Porto are collaborating with Casa Beatnik Hotel’s culinary team to present two multi course experiences. Tribu’s international culinary team combine their contemporary worldview  to showcase the most sought-after sustainable ingredients from Galicia — from its fish markets,  forests and premier producers and purveyors – to create hyper-seasonal tasting menus. Dishes  share a spirit of tradition and modernity, with inventive compositions created by incorporating  ancestral preservation techniques (smoking, curing, pickling, dry-aging) and cooking exclusively  over charcoal and wood. 

Starting this Fall and in subsequent seasons, Chef Marcos will also partner with different chefs  from around the world who share his passion for Galicia’s boundless treasures and his love for  cooking exclusively with charcoal, wood and ancestral preservation methods. Together, they will  create Tasting Menus with dishes from their award-winning kitchens abroad and new journeys  that marry a ‘kilometer 0’ philosophy with their nomadic culinary backgrounds. 

Tribu’s wine cellar takes guests on a journey through the Iberian Peninsula and the islands of  the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The producers on our list create wines that are deeply evocative 

of the lands and landscapes they farm by combining an experimental craft mentality with a  profound respect for the agricultural history of their regions. Their small-production, must-try  bottlings are bold, daring and refreshingly unpredictable. The culinary cocktails at Tribu combine  our favorite seasonal elements and spirits with unexpected ingredients and flavor combinations  — from squid ink and seaweed to smoke.  

Designed by Maison Bonhomme, Tribu’s interiors link the past with the present by taking  elements from a historic Galician palloza, made of granite and brezo, then combining them with  the finest handmade crafts from around the world: cement tiles from Popham Design in  Marrakech, suzanis from Tashkent, and esparto curtains and chandeliers from Jaén. Added to  this nomadic environment are 360-degree views of the winery, garden and vineyard, plus the  ability to observe the culinary team at work from any seat in the restaurant. 

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